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About Blossom

Since its establishment in 1982, Blossom has been selling comfortable and stylish lingerie to women and has been continuing its endless journey with a significant mark in the lingerie market. As part of the new campaign, Blossom choose to avoid nudity while selling lingerie and it has received global recognition from the Harvard & Ivey School of Management. They are one of the best lingerie brands which offer customised solutions that meet the comfort and style needs of every woman. With a wide range of lingerie in different colours, fabrics, and cuts in right measures, this exquisite brand gives absolute delight to woman, understanding her body like no one else can! Selling bras, panties, and slips, Blossom is quite a one-stop shop for every woman’s intimate apparel needs. The beautifully designed ladies inner wears from Blossom will definitely help you celebrate your beauty with confidence.

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