Nyassa Arabian Oudh Handmade Soap 75 Gm

Oudh or Oud is also known as “Agarwood.” As the name suggests, it is deep, woody, aromatic middle eastern oil. This fragrance is sacred in various parts of the middle east and Japan. Its also used in burning incense for God. Nyassa brings you Arabian Oudh handmade soap that simply leaves you feeling nostalgic in an instant! This bath soap is endowed with a strong, deep, woody fragrance that makes it all the more appealing to men. A host of exclusive ingredients including Shea Butter, Birch Tree Extract and Himalayan Pink Salt deliver the right mix of heath and care to your skin. Birch Tree extract acts as a natural cleanser that keeps the skin free from harmful germs and bacteria without being harsh. Your skin is detoxed and cleansed the natural way by the presence of Himalayan Pink Salt also balances the skin pH. Shea Butter is high in Vitamin A and E; this is a natural moisturizer and sun protectant, keeping skin bright and lustrous. Buy and use Arabian Oudh handmade soap and feel the difference in the way your skin feels.


* Handmade soap from leading artisanal brand from India since 2007
* No Nasties – no parabens, pthalates
* 100% vegetarian and against animal testing
* Nyassa is the first brand to introduce a fragrance scale where each soap denotes a MILD, MODERATE, STRONG fragrance indicator
* contains trademark active base- a unique base comprising of cold pressed sweet almond oil, cold pressed wheatgerm oil, Aloevera extract, grapeseed extract, Honey and Vitamin E.