Medlife, Orthotic Insole, Medium

 399.00  259.35

  • Full-Length Arch Support
  • Anti-Slip Sole
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Lightweight, flexible & durable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Moisture-wick with odor control
  • Helps Relieve Heel & Foot Pain


Get the support you need to move comfortably and pain-free with Medlife Orthotic Insoles. The unique anatomical arch support helps relieve heel and foot pain, enhances comfort and provides side-to-side stability. It also supports heel during the heavy impact of landing. The state-of-the-art design adapts to all foot shape, be it a low, neutral or high arch.

Made with PU Rendel, this insole is breathable, moisture-wicking and helps to control the odor. Also, the backside cushioning offers long-lasting comfort for roomy footwear and makes it a great option for a wide range of physical activities from casual walking to running.




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